August 30, 2007

Well, that hurt....

With a four game sweep of the Baltimore Orioles, and a trip to Cleveland possibly bringing the Twins back into the race in the central, things were looking pretty good. But, a three game losing streak to the first place team has now killed our chances, and we now find ourselves 8.5 games back in the division rather than the 5.5 we were when Monday rolled around.

With the loss Monday, things weren't awesome, but not bad. We could still gain one more game. With the loss on Tuesday, things got worse, but we could still control the damage and limit the Indians to gaining just one game. But, with a loss last night, we instead got swept, fell back three games in the race and most of all, lost all the momentum we once had.

With this loss, not only have we fallen to 8.5 games back as I've already mentioned, but we now find ourselves equally as far back in the Wild Card race, except to even more teams (New York, Seattle, etc.)

Our chances are starting to fade, and the playoffs are even harder to find than ever before. If there is one chance to salvage the season, it could be this weekend. We'll need the Indians to get swept, and get our roll back on with a Royal sweep.

If things don't turn around this weekend, I guess we still have September call ups to look forward to.