September 17, 2007

Bad Timing?

Terry Ryan made the decision that he'd step down on September 30th when the season was over. He made the decision that he'd hand over all of his duties to Bill Smith, and let him take control of the Torii Hunter contract situation along with Santana's, Morneau's and many other contract situations.

But, is he hurting the organization by doing it now rather than after the contract period is over?

After all, Bill Smith has no experience in contract situations, and no experience in signing or for that matter finding free agents. This upcoming off-season might be the biggest in a long time as our team looks to stay in tact, and remain contenders.

Not only do we have the Torii Hunter and Johan Santana contracts, but we also need to find out who will play third, left and the designated hitter spot. This off-season is key, and Ryan stepping down before it starts may hurt.

Only time will tell, and hopefully everything will go smoothly, but to say the least, I'm not totally comfortable after this sudden front office change.

What do you think, will this affect how things go on this off-season, and will it hurt us going into next season?