September 27, 2007

Enough About Johan...

I'm so sick of the newspapers outside of Minnesota, and even some of the different people inside Minnesota (recent story) speculating about Johan Santana being traded.

First of all, half the time the papers publishing the stories are not creditable for half of the stuff they put out there, and these stories are simply their own dreams to make their teams that they write for better.

It gets really old, especially when they have no idea what they're talking about. This isn't a one time thing either. The same thing happened all the time, and still does with Torii Hunter. The same thing happened with Kevin Garnett as well.

They make up stupid rumors, and stories, and it seems as though they are writing their own fantasies for their favorite team. They speculate on things that have never even been brought up before they wrote it themselves.

Anyways, Johan will not be traded this off-season unless there is an extremely huge deal that blows the team away, and a deal that makes their near future just as bright as it would be with Johan around.