September 19, 2007

Is He Kidding?

Just today, the news came out about the answers that Ron Gardenhire gave when asked about the second base position for next season. His exact quote was this:

"We already know what we've got with Nick," Gardenhire said. "We know we've got a player. And [Casilla] has all the tools in the world, so nothing's a given. You have to go out and play. But if we were to start right now, I would say Nick would have a head up on him, believe me there. I know what he can do, catch the ball and make all the plays. So he's got a lead going into Spring Training, as far as I'm concerned."
Okay, my first reaction: Are you kidding me?

Since when did Nick Punto become better than Casilla? How does Gardenhire say, "we've got a player," when he's talking about a guy that is batting right at, or below the .200 mark, and has been for the whole season?

Casilla may not have the upper hand in the field, but if we're going to start picking starters based on how they field, and that alone, our team is going to become horrible.

Although fielding may be important, hitting is probably the more important thing to this Twins team. Second base is an easier position, and Casilla shouldn't have a lot of trouble learning the ropes there. So, it should come down to the other factors, and Casilla has the upper-hand on the base running, hitting and everything else that there possibly is.

For some reason though, Gardenhire always seems to have guys that he absolutely loves, and Punto is one of those guys.

I'm not sure what I'll do if he is in the lineup on opening day next season, but I know I can't bare to watch him play one more game.

[Quote From: Twins Website]