September 5, 2007

I've Got Nothing...

I really don't even know what to post today. There is no need for a game recap after a loss like that, and there really isn't really any news to post either. I may have something later today or tonight, so you can check back then.

But, here are a couple thoughts that can be discussed in the comments section:

- You know the season is coming to an end after something like last night. We finally score and hold them to just three runs, only to watch Nathan blow a save for the first time in a long time.

- It'll be interesting to see if the Twins call up any pitchers today after using so many last tonight. Who do they call up though, Duensing or someone else?

- Finally, what do you think about all this Hunter stuff? What do you think we should do with him now, and others as well.

Hopefully I'll actually have something more interesting tonight.