September 6, 2007

Lets Stay Positive

Okay, I understand that today we lost again, and have now lost four straight games, and eight of our last ten overall. But, since getting swept by the Indians last week, and maybe a little before that, how high were your hopes anyways?

I don't want to sound like a downer here, but our chances were small, and things have been far to inconsistent for us to truly contend.

So, lets not sit here and point fingers or blame people for the rest of the season about why things went wrong. And, lets not think negatively about the team either. There are still a lot of reasons to keep following the Twins this season, and there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

Lets take a look.

Reasons to watch....

- Well, first of all we'll get to see guys like Kevin Slowey and Nick Blackburn pitch. Both should be fun to watch, and it'll be interesting to see what they might have to offer next season.

- Also, we'll get to watch Garza, Baker and other young pitchers finish up the season, and get a better look at them. It'll be interesting to see how they handle poor outing (if any) and how they might handle losing.

- Alexi Casilla and hopefully some other youngsters soon will be playing out the season, and we'll get to see how Casilla handles playing everyday, and see how others look at the plate.

- Finally, you might get your last look at Torii play for the Twins. Now, I hope he'll be back next season, but you never know.

Reasons for optimism....

- The F-Bomb is back next season, and assuming the rest of our staff is back next seasonv as well, we're looking pretty good. Baker has shown good signs, Garza has had great outings, Slowey has been productive, Johan is Johan and if you add Liriano, other than being inexperienced, it'll be pretty good.

- Joe Mauer should be healthy next season, and if he stays healthy, the offense should improve just off that. Also returning will be a healthy Reyes, Crain and Perkins. And if that doesn't improve the bullpen even more, I'm not sure what will.

- If our front office gets busy both now and in the off-season, we could see some new guys come in, and hopefully some guys locked up for the long term.

Anyways, you get the picture. The season may not look great, but the future does look pretty good, and it's not time to quit paying attention.