September 15, 2007

Morneau Reaches 30

Justin Morneau's second half slump has really overshadowed the good season that he's had thus far. He's hit just six homeruns in the second half, and collected just thirty-one total RBI, but his numbers still look very nice.

Last night, he notched homerun number thirty for the season, giving him back-to-back seasons with at least thirty homeruns, and giving the Twins another season with a thirty homerun hitter.

Overall, he has a total of those 30 homeruns, 107 RBI and a pretty good .280 batting average. Plus, those numbers are where they are with the small second half homerun and RBI totals, plus his average has been just .259.

While it may be easy to point a finger towards Morneau for some of the second half failure, and the hitting problems, don't forget what he's done this season as far as numbers go.

For discussion...
- Morneau hit 24 homeruns in the first half, and 6 so far in the second half. What do you think was the main reason for his slump?

- As a DH this season (in 40 at-bats), Morneau has hit 3 homeruns, collected 15 RBI and has hit .375. These are compared to 26 HR, 90 RBI and a .273 average at first in a total of 498 at-bats. So, the question is, would you consider (or like to see) Morneau take a shot at being a DH?

I don't have much of an opinion, but his defense is pretty valuable to the team. If he did hit a huge amount better, and we had a first baseman ready, I might consider it. But, right now it might be best to just find a permanent DH.