September 22, 2007

Quick Notes

Here are a couple of quick notes after today's loss to the Chicago White Sox. There is a post directly below this about Torii Hunter and his situation.

- Pat Neshek has pitched his last pitch of the season. The Twins have decided to shut him down for the remainder of the season with arm soreness. This shouldn't be serious, but his arm has been tired over the past few weeks.

- Johan Santana bought a multi-million dollar house this past week in Minnesota, and according ESPN Radio, the Twins and Santana could be getting close to an extension. This could just be a myth, but none the less, it is exciting.

- Jason Kubel continued to swing a hot bat today, and in my opinion, has already earned his shot to be the starting guy in left next season. The homerun was his 13th of the season, and since he started getting playing time, he's been the team's best hitter.

- Another interesting note about Johan is that he ordered 100 huge bobbleheads, and autographed them. He then gave them to the front office staff and his teammates.

- Finally, the Twins final home game will be tomorrow at 1:10. They will then finish the season on the road against the Tigers and Red Sox.