September 25, 2007

Reasons to Play

The Twins have just six games remaining on the season, but there are still plenty of reasons to keep playing hard, and fight to the finish.

- First of all, these could be Hunter's final games as a Twin, and why not make them special. He, I would imagine, wants to end on a good note if he's leaving, and what better way to do that than with some offense and a nice catch.

- Johan Santana could win the strikeout crown for the fourth straight season. He is currently in first place, but just by a slight margin. He'll pitch in this Tigers series, and could lock up the crown with a nice outing.

- They're playing for jobs! The young guys should have been playing hard the whole last month, and this week will be their final shot before spring training to show what they've got. Buscher, Casilla and the others should be going all out.

And finally, possibly the most important reason around....

- They can still finish above the .500 mark. With six games still on the schedule, and the Twins sitting at 77-79, they need to win four of their final games to finish with a .500 record. If they don't they will finish below the mark for the first time since 2000, and that is a feat they don't want to have.

Tintor Suspended
Twins' minor leaguer and Minnesota native Eli Tintor was suspended by the MLB yesterday after failing a drug test. The information on what type of drug is not released.

Tintor becomes the second Twin over this past season to test positive. Anthony Swarzak was the last.

Jim Rantz had this to say on the situation:

"It's unfortunate that this comes about, but a player has to be accountable
for their actions. We educate the players in Spring Training and throughout the
season on the club's policies as well as those from the Office of the
Commissioner. But in the end, it's up to the player."