September 16, 2007

Rookie Mistakes

If you've read some of the posts here over the last month or so, you'll know one thing -- I like to see the young guys play. In fact, there isn't anything I hate more than to see Nick Punto and Luis Rodriguez playing over guys like Alexi Casilla and Brian Buscher when we're out of the playoffs.

But, while normally the blame can be placed on manager Ron Gardenhire for playing these other guys, in the last few days the blame has to be placed on the rookies themselves.

First of all, there is one main rule when you're a rookie. Do not show up late to the park. Today, Alexi Casilla was slotted into the lineup, but showed up just minutes before he was supposed to hit, and got scratched.

Secondly, do what the coaches tell you. There probably isn't anything that will get you on the bench more quickly than missing a sign, or making a stupid mental mistake. And, that is what Brian Buscher did today as well. With a hard ball hit to left, he ignored the stop sign at third from Scott Ullger, and decided to test it. He was thrown out at the plate, and the next runner singled. Only one run scored that inning.

So, while I love to see what the young guys can do when we're out of the race, they have to earn it just as much as Gardenhire needs to give them the chance.