September 24, 2007

Silva Pitches Gem

Carlos Silva wants to stay in Minnesota, and the Twins may want to keep him after last night's outing and his nice second half. Silva pitched 7.2 innings, and allowed no runs and just six hits in the game. What made the outing better was the fact that the Twins scored just two runs, so the pitching was needed.

This off-season, as I mentioned earlier this week, the starting rotation will be the least of the team's worries. But, they do have one rotation decision to make, and that will be on Carlos Silva.

The team could go with the young group in Santana, Baker, Garza, Liriano and Slowey, or they could go with basically that same rotation and add in Silva for either probably Slowey or Baker.

Either one would be fine with me, but I'm currently leaning towards the Silva move if the money is there, and Silva keeps his promise to take a pay cut.

By signing Silva, the Twins would do two things. First of all, they would have more veteran leadership, and he isn't a bad pitcher anyways. Secondly, and probably most importantly, it would keep Johan happy, and hopefully help the chances to keep him after next season.

Whatever happens, I'll always appreciate the way Silva shook off all the Spring Training blunders, and the callings for his release by turning it around, and pitching a good season for the Twins.