September 8, 2007

Stupid Comment

When asked about Alexi Casilla a few days ago, Ron Gardenhire said that he wasn't being punished for anything but instead him not playing is a case of pitching match ups.

His exact words were this:

"With Casilla, I pick my spots on certain pitchers and go from there. Right-handed, I think he's pretty good. Left-handed, he has some issues."
Now, this is a very very stupid comment by Ron Gardenhire.

First of all, Nick Punto has been the guy starting in front of Casilla. So, is he telling us that Punto is a better left handed hitter than Casilla? Punto is batting horrible this season, and hasn't even been able to keep his average above .200 all season.

Secondly, how does Gardenhire expect Casilla to get better against the left-handed pitchers if he doesn't get to face them. Last time I checked, you have to have experience against them to improve. Sitting on the bench is not going to do that.

Finally, when will Gardenhire realize that being twelve games back is being out of the division? If he has realized it, when will he start playing for next season and quite playing White, Punto and all the other wash ups? I don't care that White might hit a homerun every two weeks, that isn't going to help us for next season, and after all, that is what we're now playing for.