September 21, 2007

Sweep Feels Good

I know we've been out of the race for quite some time, and the wins and losses have absolutely no affect on this season being seen as a failure. But, don't the wins, and for that matter the sweeps raise your interest and mood of the club just a little but?

I personally watch for just a few reasons right now. First, they're my team, and just because they won't be in the playoffs doesn't mean I won't support them or give up on finishing out the season. Second, the future guys are playing. And finally, there is still that chance that we'll finish strong, and be above the .500 when October rolls around.

This most recent sweep of the Rangers helped the chances of being above .500, and I think it also pointed out a few things for the future.

- Michael Cuddyer and Jason Kubel will be better next season. Kubel didn't get enough playing time all season, and now with that playing time, is hitting very well. As for Cuddyer, he's finished very strong, and the power looks to be coming back.

- Our pitching is going to be strong. With Johan and Liriano the center of the rotation, and Slowey and Garza added in the mix with one other person, our rotation should be pretty strong next season.

- Hunter is moving further and further away from the future picture. With the series in Texas, Hunter again openly talked about his future. Every time this comes up, it seems as if he has already made his mind up that he will not be in Minnesota next season.

I really don't have a lot more right now. Leave your thoughts on the rest of the season, and anything else I mentioned above.