September 13, 2007

Twins Notes: 9-13-07

Here are some Twins notes, and some things currently affecting the team, and some things that are currently being written about the team. Some of the notes have my opinion mixed in, and feel free to share your thoughts on each in the comments section that follows.

- Carlos Silva exited after the second inning today with a groin injury. It is still uncertain whether or not he will make his next appearance, but it is unlikely. It is also possible that he has now pitched his last game in a Twins uniform if the injury doesn't go away soon.

- Boof Bonser got moved to the bullpen before the game today, and Kevin Slowey is slotted to take his spot for the time being. But, with the Silva injury, there is a possibility that he could rejoin the rotation. However, Blackburn could also be considered as well.

Gardenhire told Bonser that they want him to get work in out of the bullpen for the remainder of the season, and that he would have a chance to compete for a job next spring along with the others.

- Dennys Reyes' injury may not be as serious as thought, and the team thinks he could pitch again for the team before the end of the season.

There was previously thoughts that he'd miss the season, and also thoughts that the injury may even require surgery, so this is great news.

- Johan Santana said that whether or not Silva and Hunter are here next season won't make his decision on whether he should stay. He said that it will be based on if the team is playing to win, and making good choices along with how they're competing.

Here is the whole article.

- As I mentioned above, Boof is out of the rotation, and the schedule right now is to have Baker go on Sunday, and Slowey on Monday.

- Matt LeCroy is back with the team, and made his first plate appearance today in the loss to the Royals. The Twins did win the series two games to one.

[I'll have more stuff tonight or tomorrow morning.]