September 14, 2007

What This Means....

Here are some of my reactions to the resignation of Terry Ryan today. This includes my thoughts about what this means for the future of the team including the far and near future.

Hunter Gone?
- With Terry Ryan gone, does this mean Torii Hunter is as well? I hope we still at least take a shot at him, and I also hope he stays, but does this affect Hunter's feelings any? Also, will Smith get in negotiations with him anytime soon?

- I personally think this made the chances of Hunter coming back even worse than they already were. This move in a way makes it look like we will be rebuilding, and to me at least, changes the whole way this team will be run. I hope Smith will get working on the situation very soon, and hope he changes one of Terry's previous policies -- negotiating in mid-season.

Santana to be traded?
- There has been speculation ever since Santana got a little upset over some choices that Ryan made this season. I personally don't think Santana was all that upset, but instead just voicing his thoughts, and trying to make his points heard. But, does this move mean that he will be traded? Like I already mentioned, this move might be thought of as somewhat of a rebuilding thing, and that might not bode well with him.

- I don't think Santana will be traded personally, at least not before the season starts. It wouldn't make any sense at all. I think they'll work with him on a contract in the off-season, and hopefully they'll get him signed. But if not, and the Twins do falter, I think there is a chance they'll consider it at the deadline.

Ryan's Decision...
- There are going to be questions for some time about why Terry made this choice. He said it was because the desire wasn't there, and because this was the best time to make the move so Smith could get going for the off-season. He also said that he would have done this no matter what the record was this season. But, were those the real reasons?

- Personally, I think there was more of a reason than what he said, but we'll never know for sure. Was it because Pohlad wouldn't give him enough money to make key signings? Was it because Hunter may be gone and Santana may be traded, and he didn't want the blame for all of it? We'll never know, but there will always be that speculation.

What else does this mean...
- My one final thought is Bill Smith. Was this the right decision, and what should we know about him?

- First off, I do think Smith was the right person to take over. He has been working behind Ryan for some time, and this should lead to the easiest transition for the organization. The scouting ways, and other "main" things that the organization does should remain the same.

- What do we need to know about Smith? Actually, there isn't a lot I can tell you. I'm not all that familiar with Smith, but from what I've read, I can say he seems a lot like Ryan, and knows a lot about what he'll be doing.

One GM said this about the decision:

"He's one of the best administrators in the game. I don't know what kind of
evaluator he is, but he is one solid individual, one of the best executives,
he'll rely on his people."
These are some pretty kind words, so lets hope he'll live up to them.

This is all for now, I have a lot more to say and write about on this topic, but it'll take some time. I'm still shocked with the rest of you, and never in a million years could have guessed this would happen right now.

We won't know how this move will change the organization, but we'll find out very soon.