October 21, 2007

F-Bomb Goes Home

Aside from all of the trade talk, and the rumors of where Torii Hunter will end up next season, there is one story that has went a little unnoticed, and it's a story that will be a very big thing for the Twins next season if everything continues to progress.

F-Bomb (Francisco Liriano), is done with his rehab from Tommy John surgery down in Fort Myers, and has headed home to the Dominican for the winter. Now, this past season was a very long year for us Twins fans, and at times it might have been easy to forget we even had F-Bomb on our roster, so lets look back a little bit.

In case you don't remember, Liriano was a sensational rookie, and would have won the ROY award had it not been for the just as good season for Justin Verlander, and more importantly for the Detroit Tigers.

Liriano started 20 games for the Twins in 2006, and would have started in a lot more had the Twins not moved so cautiously with him. In those 20 starts, Liriano went 13-5, and also posted a very nice 2.74 ERA to go along with his 177 strikeouts.

There will most likely be a lot of uncertainties going into the 2008 season, but if F-Bomb can be anywhere near how good he was in his rookie season, I can't wait to see the rotation that will include F-Bomb, Cy-Tana, and Garza.