October 29, 2007

Hunter, Silva Become Free Agents

The World Series ended less that 24 hours ago, and yet things are already getting pretty busy for the Twins. Earlier today, the Twins officially announced that they would indeed pick up the option on closer Joe Nathan. And now, both Carlos Silva and Torii Hunter have both officially filed for free agency.

The Twins do have exclusive rights to negotiate with both players for fifteen days before any other team can talk to them, but both players really made it clear that they plan on listening to other teams no matter what the Twins might offer.

In addition to Silva and Hunter, some former Twins that have filed for free agency include:

Luis Castillo
Corey Koskie
Shannon Stewart
Doug Mientkiewicz

The off-season isn't even a day old, and things are already heating up. I can't wait for free agency to get underway so the long wait to see who will fill third, center, and other various positions next season can finally end.