October 3, 2007

My Award Selections

I plan on getting some off-season outlooks, season recaps and things like that up soon, but before it gets to late, here are my picks for the MLB Awards this season. They are not all of the awards, but the main ones.

At the end, leave your winners....

AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez
NL MVP: Prince Fielder

AL Cy-Young: Josh Beckett
NL Cy-Young: Jake Peavy

AL ROY: Dustin Pedroia
NL ROY: Troy Tulowitzki

AL Manager: Joe Torre
NL Manager: Bob Melvin

Twins Award Winners:
Here are some different awards that I think Twins players have a chance of winning this season.

Gold Gloves:
Torii Hunter
Johan Santana
Justin Morneau

Silver Sluggers:
Torii Hunter
Justin Morneau

DHL Award:
Joe Nathan

Some Thoughts:
- Prince got the NL MVP from me, but I think Matt Holliday deserves it as well after a great season, and getting his team to the playoffs.

- As for the AL Manager award, I gave it to Torre because it looked like the Yankees were long gone, and with all of the media pressure, they did a good job rebounding. Wedge did a pretty nice job with the Indians too.

- That's about all, make sure to leave your answers and thought in the comments right below.