October 25, 2007

No Contact Yet

The season for the Twins has been over for nearly a month now, and yesterday Torii Hunter said that the Twins still haven't contacted him about resigning. To me, this is very surprising, and might tell how they feel about their chances of retaining him.

Over the past month or so, Hunter has been very open to talking about where he might play next season. He has brought up some odd places such as Washington and has also talked about cities such as Atlanta.

Where he plays next season probably won't have much to do with the town however, but most likely the amount of money he can make. The chances that he is back in Minnesota next season get smaller with each passing day, because when the market opens up and he sees how much he can make elsewhere, Minnesota will just be one of thirty teams.

Hunter did say that he would like to play for the Twins next season, and also said that he needs to talk with the organization about more than just the contract if they want him to return.

"Money has something to do with it, but trust me, that's just a percentage. We
need to talk about stuff that needs to change before we start to get into deep
What this means, I'm not exactly sure. But, I'd imagine he wants to talk to them about dealing prospects to help the team instead of being so stingy like they have been the past few seasons. He might also have something to say about giving Johan another others contract extensions.

All I have to say, is that if the Twins really want Torii in a Twins uniform next season, they better act soon. Because if they don't it'll be far to late if they let big market teams get involved.