October 5, 2007

Position Questions: Second Base

Just about a week ago, I had a post that went over all of the positions that will be in question this off-season, and going into next season in general.

Now, it's time to go position by position, and go over some of the options that the Twins will have.

The Question
Who will play second base next season?

What will most likely happen
It is almost certain that the Twins will not go outside the organization to fill this need. The Twins have two guys that will instead compete in spring training for the job. Those guys being Alexi Casilla and Nick Punto.

Both of these guys have about a 50-50 chance as of now, but Punto probably has the upper hand still after Gardenhire's comments at the end of the season.

The Candidates
Nick Punto
Punto and Casilla are pretty much two completely different players. Nick Punto is a great fielder, but unfortunately, his bat is horrible. Although he may save some runs for the Twins, batting just above the .200 mark all season will not cut it, and if he doesn't improve, he shouldn't even be considered for the spot.

Alexi Casilla
While Punto is a great fielder, Casilla still needs work in that part of his game. However, he does have the upper hand hitting, and also has the upper hand big time in the speed and base running categories. Casilla is the future second basemen, so I think it'd be wrong to take that away from him next season, but he does need to prove to the coaches that the job is his, and he needs to work hard this off-season on his fielding.

Next Edition
The next edition will cover the third base position. In the next edition, things will be different as well. This edition was simple because the Twins won't sign a free agent, and there are only two other options.