October 8, 2007

Position Questions: Third Base

This past week, we went over the second base options for next season, and it was pretty easy because there really is only one option for the Twins, and that is to go with Nick Punto or Alexi Casilla.

Now, we move on to the third base position, and it starts to get harder. At third, there really is no organizational solution, because they have made it clear that this will be their main position that they look for in free agency. This means that they currently don't see Brian Buscher as the guy next season, but maybe more of a guy off the bench. And, with Watkins gone, a trade or free agency will be the only option.

So, lets give it a look...

The Question
Who will play third base next season?

What will most likely happen
It is almost 100 percent certain that the person who plays third next season will be from without the organization, and if not, it'll probably be thought of as a failed off-season by not only the fans, but the front office.

Since Corey Koskie was traded, the Twins have not had a main guy at third, and even when they have tried to, it hasn't worked out.

Nick Punto is not an option next season at third as he will focus on second base, and second base only. With Watkins let go, the only other true option at third would be Brian Buscher, and the Twins don't seem to want to go in that direction yet.

So, the options will be coming from the free agent market.

The Candidates
You Tell Us!

Over at MLB4U.com, they have a full list of all of the upcoming third base free agents. The biggest name would be Alex Rodriguez assuming he opts out at the end of the Yankee season, but he isn't a candidate for us anyways. Some of the other key names would be Corey Koskie, Cesar Izturis, Russell Branyan, Mike Lamb, Mike Lowell, Pedro Feliz, Geoff Blum and Mark Bellhorn.

There are other players obviously, but these are the big names. Also, Shea Hillenbrand is a free agent, and he plays both third and first.

So, check out the list, and tell us what your free agent options are in the comments section that follows.

Possible Trades
Also, if there is a certain third basemen that you have seen a rumor about saying the guy is available, and you think there is a chance we might make a trade for them, share the player in the comments section as well.

Next Edition
In the next edition, we'll go over another big off-season position for the Twins, center field. Will Torii Hunter be back? Is there anybody ready in the minor leagues at this position? Who are some free agents? We'll cover it all in the next edition.