October 26, 2007

Setting Things Straight

Over the past few days, things on the Twins front have started to heat up with rumors on a Carlos Silva offer and then news about Torii Hunter's contract situation. Well, Joe Christensen knows all about these rumors, and as he tells us, they aren't that serious.

On Wednesday, the Pioneer Press reported that the Minnesota Twins had offered Carlos Silva a three-year $21 million deal, and that Silva had declined the offer because he wants four years. According to Joe, this might be about the amount that the Twins offer Silva, but they haven't offered him anything yet.

I called Silva’s agent Peter Greenberg, and here’s the message he left on my
voice mail: “No, the Twins have not made any offer to us as of 6:10 East Coast
time, Thursday, Oct. 25. And you can quote me on that.”
On Thursday, the Pioneer Press had an article about Torii Hunter in which he talked about how the Twins still haven't contacted him. This story seemed to get bigger, and could even be found on ESPN and Fox Sports by the end of the day. According to Joe, the story is a little over exaggerated. He called Torii, and Hunter made it clear that there is plenty of time left.
“I’m not in a hurry to do anything. The winter meetings aren't until December.”
So, it looks like Joe has set the record straight, and after all is said and done, there is a lot of time before things will really heat up for the Twins. Hunter and Silva won't become serious things for the Twins until the World Series is over and possibly even later.

In addition to this, I want to elaborate on one other thing. In my Torii Hunter story yesterday, I said this in response to his quote about things needing to change.
I'd imagine he wants to talk to them about dealing prospects to help the team
instead of being so stingy like they have been the past few seasons. He might
also have something to say about giving Johan another others contract
Well, it looks I might be right on this. Joe has more information on this quote, and wrote the following.
And he also knows Johan Santana and Joe Nathan will be entering the final
year of their respective contracts.

The Twins have a dearth of major league ready position prospects, an
issue that can’t be fixed overnight. And what are the chances of the Twins
keeping Hunter and still spending the dollars it takes to fill their other holes
with championship caliber talent?
Make sure to check out everything else Joe writes over at the Star Tribune. He's got a lot of good stuff.