October 31, 2007

Twins Sign Watkins

As you may recall, the Twins outrighted Tommy Watkins off the 40-man roster earlier this 0ff-season, and this allowed Watkins to pursue other teams as a free agent. In an interview with Twins Territory soon after that time, he told us this when asked if he'd be back.

I hope so! We have some time to see what will happen.
Well, today we are happy to report (thanks to La Velle) that Tommy Watkins has signed a minor league deal to remain with the organization.

I'm very excited to hear this news because Tommy has always been loyal to the Twins organization, and I think he deserves a shot to at least be on the roster.

In addition to Watkins, the Twins have also signed Alejandro Machado, Armando Gabino and Josh Hill to minor league contracts.

Make sure to get more notes from La Velle and Joe.