November 26, 2007

Another Santana Rumor

Now that we know that the Twins and Santana are committed to at least seek trade options, we can be sure that over the next few weeks, into the Winter Meetings, there will be a boat-load of rumors.

The first major rumor comes from Peter Gammons of ESPN. According to Gammons, the Twins are asking the Yankees for Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera and Austin Jackson for their two-time Cy-Young winner.

Now, there are going to be a lot of rumors, and until we get further in, we have to take each with a grain of salt. The Mets are also expected to work hard to get Johan, and the Dodgers and Red Sox are expected to make some kind of offer as well.

This might seem like a big amount for Johan considering Hughes and Jackson are considered top prospects, and Cabrera seems to be a pretty good player, but I don't like the deal.

I don't mind the Hughes and Cabrera part, but I'd like something better than Jackson. He is a top prospect and all, but he really only gained that by playing well over the last few months of this past season. I'd like to see him play more, and at the same level before taking him over some other players the Yankees have.

Plus, I want Cano...

Anyways, this is really the first rumor involving packages that has surfaced, and I'm sure when the Winter Meetings roll around at the start of December, a lot more rumors will start to make their way out.

[I'll have more tonight or tomorrow on rumors that the Twins would like Reyes or Cano in a deal with the Mets or Yankees.]