November 6, 2007

Hunter, Santana Among Gold Glove Winners

We're have all become accustomed to seeing Torii Hunter's name when the Gold Glove awards are announced, but Johan Santana not so much. Since coming into the league, fielding has been something that people have always overlooked with Johan. Today however that changed as Johan was named the pitching Gold Glove winner for the American League.

Torii Hunter also won the award for the outfield, and this marked his seventh one of his MLB career, and possibly his last with the Twins. This past season, Hunter played in 155 games for the Twins, and collected 5 assists and just 2 errors.

For Santana, this is his first award, and he played in 33 games for the Twins. In those games, Johan collected 26 assists, and had no errors.

With the win, Johan becomes the first pitcher since 1995 to win the award other than Mike Mussina and Kenny Rogers. For the Twins, the last time a pitcher won the award was in 1973 when Jim Kaat won it.