November 21, 2007

Hunter Will Soon Decide

The chances that Torii Hunter will be in a Twins uniform next season took another huge hit yesterday. With the Twins not having offered Hunter a contract all off-season, Hunter announced that he plans on selecting a team within the next 10 days.

Now, the Twins will be working against not only money, but also a short negotiating period. There are already five teams that have made Hunter offers, and there is a sixth team that is expected to enter the bidding. The Twins will be up against higher offers, and with only ten days to talk with Hunter, time might be running out.

In addition to money and a short period of time, the Twins will also have no time to show that things will be changing in Minnesota. If you can recall, earlier this off-season, Hunter said that a factor that came before money was how competitive the team wanted to be.

At this time, he mentioned that things in Minnesota needed to 'change', and hinted that he wanted Santana and Morneau locked up, and also wanted to see the Twins change their philosophy on trading their prospects to improve the offense. That will now be tough to do in such a short time frame.

The leading candidates for Hunter are believed to be the Texas Rangers and the Chicago White Sox. Hunter has met with the Rangers multiple times, and met with their owner on Monday. Other teams that are believed to have interest include the Kansas City Royals and the Los Angels Dodgers.