November 19, 2007

Johan Contract Rumors

There is a rumor going around that the Twins have finally made Johan Santana a contract offer. The offer calls for a 5-year, 93 million dollar deal. If the rumor is correct, it'd be a very nice starting point for the Twins.

At 93 million dollars and 5 years, Johan would make 18.6 million dollars per season. The Twins have made Johan one other offer, but it wasn't near this, and can't even be called a serious offer.

Last off-season, Barry Zito received a 7-year, 126 million dollar deal from the Giants. This Zito deal looks bigger, but it has two more years, and is actually 600,000 dollars per season less than the rumored offer.

This season, Carlos Zambrano agreed to a 5-year, 91.5 million dollar deal. This deal is almost exactly the same as the one the Twins offered to their 2-time Cy-Young winner, and is just 300,000 dollars per season less.

There are really two major things that might hold Johan back from this deal. First off, the thought is that Johan would like more than a 5-year deal. I personally don't see why this would be hard for the Twins. They should be able to at least offer a sixth year, and possibly a club or player option after that.

The one other thing would be the market. If Johan waited it out, there is a chance that the New York clubs or a bigger market team would offer something bigger.

I don't expect Johan to accept this rumored offer, but I think there is a chance that the Twins are moving closer. I think if they offer one more year, and a little bit more money, they could get Johan locked up. Just seeing that he'll already be making more per season in the first offer than some other recent big signings will make in their final contracts is great.

Now, all we have to do is wait and see if the rumor is true, and if it is, watch how Johan approaches the situation. If the rumor is true, and they can move closer, it'd be a great way to move into the Winter Meetings.