November 8, 2007

Maybe Not Rocco

Although some Florida newspapers suggested that the Twins long meetings with the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday were to talk about Rocco Baldelli, the Star Tribune says otherwise. According to the report, the Twins are interested in getting either Delmon Young, B.J. Upton, or both, and in return would likely give up Matt Garza.

I'd like this deal a lot more than one for Badelli, as long as both Young and Upton are in the deal. Upton provides everything we need at third. He hit 24 homeruns last season compared to Punto's one, and he collected 80 RBI compared to Punto's 25. Obviously Punto won't be the guy at third next season no matter what, but this does show the improvement from this upcoming season to last season if we could get him.

As for Young, he is an upcoming outfielder, and could definitely play center for the Twins. His numbers, combined with Young's should give us Hunter's stats and possibly more.

The big thing however, is that Garza would likely get us one of these guys, and who else would we throw in to get the other?