November 4, 2007

Off-Season Posting

One of the worst things about a blog in the off-season, is there isn't much stuff to cover. Other than the occasional breaking news, or rumors, there really isn't a lot. So, here are a few new things that I'll be doing this off-season to keep this blog readable.

TwinsTube Tuesday
Each Tuesday, I will post a YouTube video that features the Minnesota Twins. It might be a key play from last season, something from a long time ago, or it could be something that you make!

Make your very own Twins video with highlights and whatnot, and if it's good enough, I'll feature it on TwinsTube Tuesday.

Link Dumps
Another thing I'm going to try to start doing is link dumps. I can't guarantee that this will be daily, because some days there really isn't anything to share. But, I'll try to do at least two each week (for now). If you've got a name suggestion, let me know. I know that Athletics Nation does DLD (Daily Link Dump), but I can't just steal their name.

Finally, one of the main new things will be looking at certain players, the team, and some positions on the team. This will in a way, just be the continuation of the position questions series that is still going on, but more in depth.

There will also be other posts, including everything else I've always done along with big rumors, news, and basically everything else involving the Twins.

Oh, and did I mention that later this off-season, Twins Territory will have some big news to share?