November 16, 2007

Open Discussion: Bonds, A-Rod, and More

There isn't a lot of news on the Twins front right now, and until December rolls around, I don't expect any more news. There were a few big things that went on around the MLB on Thursday however, and this will be an open discussion to talk about those things along with anything Twins.

1) First of all, a quick update on Monroe. La Velle has confirmed that the Twins can offer him up to 20% less than what he is already making. This is rule, and it would leave Monroe with a minimum contract next season of somewhere around 3.92 million dollars at the minimum. For some reason, I think the Twins may just non-tender him and possibly work something out later.

2) The A-Rod saga continues. Just about a week or two after saying that they wouldn't even considering taking him back, Rodriguez and the Yankees have agreed to a 10-year $275 million deal. That is quite a bit less than the $350 million that his agent said he'd be getting.

3) And maybe the biggest news, is that Barry Bonds has been indicted. It comes at a weird time, and I think it'll end any thoughts that the Twins might have had at pursuing him (if they had any before).

4) Other than these topics, feel free to share thoughts on Torii, Silva, or anything else Twins.

I'll have more in-depth things this weekend.