November 11, 2007

Open Discussion: Johan Trade Talk

Since the World Series ended, and more so when the GM meetings started, the Johan Santana trade rumors have really heated up.

A number of teams have talked with the Twins, and been told the same thing -- Johan is not available. The Twins first priority is to keep him, and sign him to a deal. Every team that has been told this, has told the Twins to let them know if they change their mind.

The teams include the Red Sox, Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, and the Angels. Out of these teams, there are some good parts the Twins could get.

The question is, what team would you like to deal with if the Twins decide to trade Johan. What team do you think has the best deal for us?

So, the question is up for debate. Answer the poll, and then in the comments, share why or a deal that you'd like.