November 21, 2007

Santana Wants...

Since the rumor started about the Twins offering Johan Santana a 5-year, 93 million dollar deal, there has been no word on whether it is true or not. There still isn't, but after reading a story over at ESPN, I wanted to elaborate a little bit.

According to Jayson Stark, word around baseball is that if Johan got traded, or even if he signed an extension with the Twins, he's reportedly looking for a 7-year deal in the range of 18-20 million dollars per season.

I read this, and then took a step back...

The rumored offer the Twins made was 5-years, and 93 million dollars. That comes out to 18.6 million per season, which is indeed in the range of what Santana is reportedly looking for.

The one thing I mentioned earlier was that if the rumor is indeed true, I'd expect the Twins to be willing to add at least one more year to the deal. If they did, and kept the money the same, how could Johan turn something down that is what he's been looking for?

Please, let Sid be right!

[Make sure to read this whole story at ESPN. They talk about what the Twins could command for Johan if they decided to trade him.]