November 13, 2007

Twins Get Monroe

The Twins have made some minor moves so far this off-season such as dumping some guys off the 40-man roster and resigning some minor league players. But today, they made their first real move, acquiring Criag Monroe from the Cubs for a player to be named later.

You may know Monroe's name from the Tigers, or from him always being a bully to the Twins. Although Monroe had a poor season this past year, he had been a pretty good player in the years before that.

Over the 2007 season, Monroe hit just .219 with 12 homeruns and 59 RBI in a total of 122 games. But, before that, in 2006, Monroe hit 28 homeruns with 92 RBI. In 2004 and 2005, Monroe hit 18 and 20 homeruns respectively.

If nothing else, this move gets a true Twins Killer off of the streets. In his career, Monroe has hit .322 against the Twins with 13 homeruns.

To get Monroe, the Twins will give up a player to be named later. According to a few different reports, the Cubs had planned to non-tender Monroe in December, and this would have allowed the Twins to sign him as a free agent.

It looks like the Twins wanted to make sure that he'd be here, and didn't want to risk it. Smith has said that he and Monroe's agent will talk, whether that is about getting a lower contract, or extension isn't known.

Key Points...

...I like Monroe, and I liked him even when he was in Detroit (except when he played the Twins). I always viewed him as a weapon, and I called for the Twins to get him when he was dropped last season.

...I'm not sure how the Twins view him. Do they seem him as another outfielder competing for a job, a starter in center, or the designated hitter. Personally, if he is the guy they got to be the DH I'll be happy. As long as they plan on spending money (or prospects) to get people at CF and 3B. other thing that Joe mentioned is that Monroe and Hunter are close friends, and work out together in the off-season. Maybe this move will help?

..What are your thoughts on the deal, and how do you see Monroe with the Twins (what role will he have, etc.)