November 7, 2007

Twins Interested In Rocco?

As we know, the chances that the Twins will be looking for a new centerfielder this off-season are very big. Some of the people that we have talked about are Coco Crisp and Aaron Rowand. But, according to a few different reports, the Twins are interested in Rocco Baldelli from the Tampa Bay Rays.

Baldelli battled hamstring problems last season, but if healthy he can be a pretty good player. The Rays are reportedly looking for shortstop and bullpen help, something the Twins might be able to provide.

While trading for a guy like Baldelli might be a risk for the Twins, his price might be lower than someone like Crisp because of his injury troubles, and this could be a low-risk, high-reward situation.

While the off-season is still early, seeing that the Twins are talking to teams (for long periods of time) is a good sign.

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