November 28, 2007

Twins-Rays Deal Close

According to reports, the Twins and Rays are close to making a trade that would send Delmon Young to the Twins. This deal has been rumored for quite some time, but rumor now is that the Twins will send not only Matt Garza, but also Jason Bartlett and Juan Rincon to the Rays. In return, the Twins are expected to get Young, and two mediocre players -- Brendan Harris and Jason Pridie.

This deal seems very bad to me from a fan standpoint. Matt Garza for Delmon Young has been the rumored deal all along, and it has been said that this alone could get a deal done. But now they want to add two more valuable pieces to the deal, and get two players that really don't have that much upside?

Now, Juan Rincon is nothing special, but there is a shortage of relievers this off-season, and the trade value seems pretty high. Plus, Rincon seems to be an add-in, and defiantly isn't something that needs to be included to get a deal done.

Aside from this, the part that I mainly don't like is Jason Barlett being added. Who exactly do the Twins want to play shortstop next season, Brendan Harris? You may say that this deal would fill a void in center, but it would also open a new one at shortstop, and potentially another in the rotation is Johan gets moved as well.

I guess we'll have to see how the whole thing comes out, but if the Twins are giving up Barlett and Garza, they better get Young and Upton.

UPDATE: I want to say that Harris and Pridie are better than mediocre as I stated above. They actually seem to be decent players. Harris hit 12 homeruns and had 59 RBI at the MLB level this past season, and Pridie had a nice 60+ games at AAA.