November 30, 2007

Twins Want Hughes

The trade talks for Johan Santana are still in the early stages, but there has been plenty of time for the Twins to tell teams what they want, and also for teams to respond and let the Twins know where they stand.

So far in the discussions, rumor has it that the Yankees have been offering Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera, and one other prospect. But, according to a report, the Twins have told the Yankees that no Hughes means no deal.

Now, there are reports that the Yankees have softened on their stance with Hughes, and might be willing to trade him, Cabrera, and one other player for the two-time Cy-Young winner.

There is a similar debate going on with the Red Sox, who are said to have offered the Twins Coco Crisp, Jon Lester, and Jed Lowrie. The Twins are said to be standing firm on their demands from the Red Sox, and insist that along with Lester, the Sox must give up Jacoby Ellsbury to get Santana.

Several reports say that the trade will likely come down to the Yankees and Red Sox. The Mets seem out of the running already. They traded away Lastings Milledge today, and have told the Twins that Reyes is off-limits. So, they probably won't have the prospects to compete with other teams.

The Dodgers have shown some interest, and the Twins would like a few different players from their system. But they have been unwilling to deal prospects, and unless that stance changes, won't have much of a chance either.

Other than these four teams, the Angels and Mariners have interest, but neither team has really made headlines.