December 1, 2007

Boston Falling Back?

With the Yankees finally willing to add Phil Hughes into a trade, the Boston Red Sox may be falling behind in their pursuit for the former Cy-Young winner. According to a report, the Twins like Ellsbury better than Cabrera, and Buchholz more than Hughes. But the Sox have been unwilling to offer Ellsbury, and that alone could eventually take them out of the running.

Even if the Sox were willing to trade just Lester, Lowrie and Ellsbury for Johan, the Twins might accept. They'd have a center fielder who they feel is better than anybody in their other offers, and they seem to be pretty high on Lester as well. The Twins have been said to be looking for a shortstop as well, with Harris more of a second basemen.

But since the talks have started, the Sox have not budged, and it doesn't look like the Twins will either.

Hughes and More?
The Yankees according to several different reports, have finally agreed as an organization to trade Phil Hughes in a deal for Santana. The team was split in the front office, and rumor is that their owner put everything to rest by telling everybody that Hughes would be included if it meant Johan Santana would be in pinstripes.

Even with Hughes however, it might not be enough.

The Twins reportedly would like to get another highly regarded player from the Yankees, and a deal of Melky Cabrera, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy would likely finish all talks, and send Santana to New York. But, according to Christensen, this might also be a deal breaker for the Yankees as well.