December 1, 2007

Deal Coming Soon?

Ken Rosenthal more than not is very reliable, and according to a recent report by him, the Twins are expected to talk to the Red Sox today and tell them what they need to offer for the Twins to change thier minds about trading Santana to the Yankees.

Yesterday, the apparent reason for the Yankees deciding to include Hughes in the deal was because the Twins went to them and told them they were prepared to deal Santana to the Red Sox unless they added Hughes to the deal.

The Yankees didn't want to lose their chance, and as we've mentioned here a few times now, told the Twins that they were finally willing to part with their prized Hughes.

The Red Sox have told the Twins that Buchholz will not be part of any deal, and have also said that in order for the Twins to get Ellsbury, they will need to add an extra piece to the deal. The Twins aren't interested, and if talks don't go well today, the Yankees could be close to finishing off the long anticipated trade.