December 5, 2007

Not So Fast

Last night, we posted that a deal was close to getting done with the Red Sox and Twins. This was after all what a bunch of different reports were saying. Apparently they were a little off, or the Twins changed their minds, because today the big news all day was that the Twins were likely to hold onto Santana for the time being.

This doesn't mean there isn't a chance he won't get traded still. More so, it means that Johan will probably be a Minnesota Twin when the Winter Meetings end tomorrow, and most likely for at least the rest of the week.

However, according to the same reports that said the Twins are likely to hold onto Santana, the Twins have decided not to trade him now simply because they aren't in any hurry to make the move, and no trade proposal has blown them away.

The Twins are thought to still be very interested in trading their two-time Cy-Young winner, but with Cabrera now traded, they may be hoping to get other teams such as the Angels and Dodgers in on the talks.

The chances that a deal gets complete sometime this off-season are still pretty big, but when things will go down is the big question.

One side note: The Twins and Red Sox have reportedly started talking again for the night. Not sure what it means, but it's possible the Twins are using this time (Winter Meetings) to get further in discussions to help make a decision at a later date. Also, there is word that the Twins, if they accept a trade with the Sox for Lester, would want his arm to be examined first.