December 2, 2007

Now or Never

The Santana Sweepstakes took a turn today. After reports that the Twins would be happy to keep Johan if their offers weren't good enough, word came out late Sunday evening that Santana had told the Twins that if they wanted to keep him, fine, but don't count on trading him at the deadline, because he wouldn't waive his no-trade clause.

The Twins will now be forced to decide whether or not they want to trade him for possible lesser value than they have been looking for, or hold onto him, and hope something changes in negotiations, or lose him for mere draft picks.

Whatever happens, we should know soon as reports also came out Sunday evening that the Yankees have put a Monday deadline on their offer.

That is all I have for the night, but I want to add a few of my own thoughts.

Who do the Yankees think they are to come to the Twins and set a deadline? The Twins are the team offering the player, and the move is potentially a franchise altering move. The Twins need to make sure they get max value, and make sure the trade doesn't hurt their future. The Yankees don't set the deadline, the team offering does.

And second, are we really suppose to believe that they will stick to a deadline? This is the same team that said they wouldn't talk to A-Rod if he opted out, yet they signed him to a huge deal just weeks later.

I'm confident that the Twins will make the right decision, and I hope Smith and Co. don't give in to the big market pressure.

Lastly, how about a team steps up and makes an offer to take it over. If the Yankees would realize that they are overvaluing their prospects and throw in guy, they'd get Santana. Same goes with Boston expect they'd just have to throw in a pitcher.