December 29, 2007

One Big Issue

Today in the Star Tribune, we didn't get any new news or rumors on the Santana situation, but we still got something. In a somewhat 'interview' with Twins general manager Bill Smith, we finally got the sense that Johan Santana will more than likely be traded, and for some kind of centerfielder.

Patrick Reusse was at the team's front office, and Bill Smith was the only man around. In their conversation, Smith spilled out this quote:

"We have one big issue to deal with, maybe if we get that taken care of, we'll
answer the other questions."
That one big issue is obviously Johan Santana, there isn't anything else that it could be. And this quote solidified the fact that the key piece that the Twins are looking for is indeed a guy to man center.

Whether it be Gomez, Ellsbury, Cabrera or someone else, one thing is becoming more clear. Santana will likely be traded before the season and the guy that finishes out the lineup redo will come in that deal.