December 21, 2007

Quick Friday Thoughts

The week is almost over, and the MLB office officially closed for business this afternoon with final moves being announced before the holidays. The office won't be open again until the new year, so it looks like Johan Santana will be a Twins at least until 2008.

The MLB office being closed doesn't mean teams can't talk, or even that players can't agree to deals, but it does mean that nothing can be official since the MLB would need to approve any kind of Santana deal and huge contract that he would be signing.

So, for the next week it looks like we'll just be getting rumors. Hopefully the Twins will have some good talks over the little break, and when the new year rolls around we'll get some action. If the Yankees pull Hughes out of a deal as rumored, they could make the decision very easy.

White Sox Sign Ramirez
One name that I mentioned here as an option for center in 2008 was Alexei Ramírez from Cuba. That option is no longer available as the White Sox have reportedly signed him to a 4-year deal this afternoon.

I wasn't really sure if the Twins had any interest, but thought he'd be worth a look. And, from the initial report, it looks like the Twins were a little curious about him:

He also had individual sessions for the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics and the White Sox, the source said.

Pretty interesting...

Anyways, this is all I have for now. I'll try to get something up this weekend, and if any rumors come out, I'll have those too.