December 26, 2007

Santana Updates

First off, Happy Holidays to everybody. I meant to get something up yesterday, but never got around to it...

Now, back to the Santana trade updates.

According to La Velle, the Twins talked with the Mets, Yankees and Red Sox at the end of this past week before a Christmas Break. At that point, nothing seemed imminent, but it does show that A) the Mets are one of the possible candidates, and B) those seem to be the final three teams unless some team makes some sweet offer.

Today, the New York Times reported that the Twins have lessened their demands from the Yankees. Instead of asking for Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera and Ian Kennedy, the Twins are now telling the Yankees that Hughes, Cabrera and Jeff Marquez would be enough.

For some reason however, this seems a little odd. That's because on the last day of the Winter Meetings, I read another New York rumor that stated that the Twins had been asking for that same package with one other prospect.

Other than these two rumors, there isn't a lot.

But, one other note is that the Twins seem to be taking their time looking over offers from these three teams. According to several reports, they are expected to get more serious after the New Year.