December 18, 2007

Twins Staying Quiet

Just a week after signing multiple players and making various other moves, the Minnesota Twins are staying quiet. There have been basically no rumors on any Johan Santana situation other than a small bit of news from the Yankees letting everyone know that they are indeed still interested.

Some people close to the teams involved have said that the Twins are likely to field offers for the remainer of the week and then proceed to make a decision by Christmas or shorty after. I don't buy it the way things have been moving.

Personally, I'd like the Twins to move Santana now and move on. They know they can't sign him, so there is no point holding out any longer. I do applaud them for not giving in to demands and deadlines set by other teams, but now they've probably gotten the best offers they will get, and need to make a choice.

I fully expect the Sox to win the sweepstakes, giving us a guy that will finish out our lineup redesign.

[Sorry for the short post, and lack of posts the last few days. It has nothing to do with time, but more so the lack of material. Man, when does Spring Training start?]