December 6, 2007

Winter Meeting Quick Hits

The Winter Meetings wrap up soon, and while a Santana deal doesn't look likely before the end, there is still a good chance it happens within the next month. And, while you may not know, some other things happened during the meetings involving the Twins other than rumors about Johan Santana.

Here are some different links to get caught up on everything that happened.

- Here is the most recent update on the Johan Santana situation. If you want to follow everything from here on out before we post about it, make sure to check out RotoWorld often.

- It was reported that about 10 different teams have talked with the agent of third basmen Pedro Feliz. The team names were not in the report, but there is a decent chance that the Twins were one of those teams.

- One player that we know the Twins have talked to is Luis Gonzalez. There were a few other teams that talked to his agent, but the Twins apparently have some interest.

- This might have slipped under your nose, but the Twins freed up another spot on the 40-man roster by removing Chris Basak. He was signed to a minor league deal, cleared waivers, and was then removed. So, he is still with the organization.

- According to La Velle, the Angels have not talked to the Twins about Santana yet, but have talked to the Twins about some other players. Names weren't mentioned, but it's still pretty interesting.

- Speaking of La Velle, make sure to also check out Joe Christensen's blog over at the Star Tribune.