December 22, 2007

Yankees Out Again?

According to a report in Newsday, a source close to the Yankees says that he doesn't expect the Yankees to acquire Santana or make a strong run at him. In the report, the source says that since the Winter Meetings ended, the Yankees have not put an offer on the table for the Twins.

If this is true, and the rumors that the Yankees have still not even agreed to put Phil Hughes into a deal are true, the Twins will most likely be down to just the Red Sox as serious contenders.

Nothing can officially happen over the next week because the Major League offices are closed until the New Year. But, if the Red Sox are the only team really making a strong push for the two-time Cy-Young winner, the two sides could possibly begin to work out the fourth player in the deal -- something several reports have said is the holdup.

Whether the Twins are leaning towards a deal with Lester or Ellsbury isn't known, and it has been rumored both ways.

While no rumors have really surfaced in a week, one thing is becoming more clear. Santana will likely be a Twins on opening day, or he'll be in Boston.