January 3, 2008

The Best Offer?

Today in the NY York Daily News, they shared some quotes made by Yankee owner Hank Steinbrenner. We've heard most of this stuff before, but some of the stuff is new, and it all gives me courage that the Twins will soon end these rumors, make a deal and just move on.

Steinbrenner said that he feels his team has the best offer on the table, and also said that when he returns to his office today, his game plan was to begin working on a ''a final decision'' regarding the two-time Cy-Young winner.

According to several reports, the Yankees current offer, and likely their last includes Melky Cabrera, Phil Hughes, Jeff Marquez and a fourth prospect.

If true, I must say that I agree with Hank on this one, it's the best deal.

The two other teams involved are the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets. The Red Sox are offering a decent package with Ellsbury, Lowrie and Masterson along with another package that has much of the same except with Crisp and Lester instead of Ellsbury. To me however, these deals don't compare for the main fact that we don't get the two main parts we need in return -- a good center fielder and a starter to potentially fill Santana's shoes.

The Yankee deal offers both. Hughes to me is the best pitcher being offered. And this deal also gives us a center fielder that could start for years to come.

The deals being offered by the Red Sox offer one or the other, but neither one would fill both major needs.

As for the Mets, they have some good prospects, but would need to give up a lot since they don't seem to have that one 'star prospect', and unless that changes, it's hard for me to see him going there (although I wouldn't mind it).

We've known what many teams have been offering, but now we also know that the Yankees are truly involved, and what the Twins have in front of them.

I'm hoping something happens in the next week. I'd like to get this all over with and move on with our new center fielder and new-look rotation.