January 7, 2008

Twins Have Arms

John Walsh of The Hardball Times just did an overview of the best arms in baseball, and surly enough, the Twins had multiple players near the top of the three outfield lists.

Michael Cuddyer not surprisingly took the crown for the best arm in right field. This past season Cuddyer was near the top of the league with his 15 assists. And they had this to say about his overall job.

Holding a runner is great, but after the play he's still out there on base,
isn't he? Throw him out and you can be sure of one thing: that runner is not
going to score. Cuddyer nailed 15 base runners when his expectation was only
six. He also picked up one run from extra assists. Cuddyer was also above
average in holding runners, but it was the kills that helped the most.
Interestingly enough, Cuddyer isn't the only Twin on the list. In fact, the Twins have already acquired two outfielders this off-season who are at the top of the lists.

Delmon Young is ranked fourth respectively on the right field list. This past season, Young collected 16 assists. The other player is Craig Monroe. This one really stood out to me, but surly enough he is there ranked at number two for the left fielders behind only Alfonso Soriano.

In addition to these three players, there is a good chance that the Twins get a center fielder that made the list. Melky Cabrera is ranked number six on the center field list, and Coco Crisp is ranked number 18.

On a side note, Torii came in at a surprising number 25.