January 19, 2008

Two More Remain

With the three signings at the end of the week, the Twins have just two more players left to sign. Yesterday both Michael Cuddyer and Matt Guerrier exchanged offers with the Twins. The sides filed for the following amounts:

Michael Cuddyer:
Cuddyer - $6.2 million
Twins - $4.7 million
Difference - $1.5 million

Matt Guerrier:
Guerrier - $1.15 million
Twins - $750,000
Difference - $400,000

In arbitration, if the two sides can't agree to a deal, then they head to an arbitrator to get the deal done. There is no compromising in this situation. The arbitrator picks one of the two figures, no meeting in between.

Last season, the Twins avoided arbitration with all players. Cuddyer was the last to sign, and that happened just minutes before his hearing.

On a side note, last season Cuddyer and the Twins were off by $1.25 million, so the figure this season isn't anything out of the ordinary.