February 23, 2008

Craving Baseball

Spring Training is my favorite time of the year. One could argue that October is better, and when I experience more of that in the future with this team, I may change my mind, but there is no denying that Spring is the most exciting time.

Spring is when all thirty teams get off to a new start. Everybody starts clean. Worst team or best team it doesn't matter, they're all starting once again going for the gold in October. Its a time for more than teams, its also a time for hundreds of players to put the past behind and start with a clean slate.

There's something about the way spring feels, something that makes me enjoy it. Maybe its that there is no arguing over big market teams paying huge amounts to swipe away players and maybe its the fact that everyday, the players play the game the right way, for small crowds and with competition hoping that this year will be the year that they finally crack the bigs.

Whatever the case, spring is a fun time. Seeing all of the new faces and some of the old ones too is exciting. This year in particular when the Twins lost key team faces Torii Hunter and Johan Santana, spring is fun. We get to see the next generation of potential faces of the franchise in Carlos Gomez, Delmon Young and others.

Finally, spring is the time when baseball returns and the time when you'll look everywhere and read every little note you can find on your team. Today I experienced the 'baseball craving' looking everywhere hoping to find more information on how the first day went.

I finally found the thing to satisfy my craving, coming from Phil Miller:

I passed the indoor cages, where Carlos Gomez was doing something I had not seen before. He was squaring around to bunt against a pitching machine, then pulling his bat back at the last moment and trying to get a good hack at it. Had the machine totally shocked every time, I’m sure. Bet we see that move a lot this summer.
Man, I can't wait to see Gomez play...